November & December

We usually host our events during the last week of the month, but because of Thanksgiving our next storytelling night will be mid-December. And because of Christmas, it will be our last one of 2016.

The theme? Getting Away With It.

Sometimes getting away with it comes down to luck. Sometimes there are forces acting in our favor, or systems in place we have to overcome. What have you gotten away with? What haven’t you?

On December 12th, come tell us about it. We’re all in need of a good story right now.

New York


San Francisco


Last month, those of us who gathered at the bar decided to skip the stories and watch the first presidential debate. Telling stories felt unimportant by comparison.

By this month’s event, the debates will have passed. It’ll be the last Club Motte before the election. And it’s clear that our stories are more important than ever.

Stories promote empathy. They expose you to more perspectives and experiences. Our cultural lack of empathy has been put on display, and even embodied, in this election, and this month’s event is the last Club Motte where we won’t know how it’s going to turn out. No matter the result, we still have to further our own empathy, our own ability to recognize each other’s experience.

This month’s theme is Decisive Moments. We’re balancing on the edge of one, and our personal histories and daily lives are filled with them. Come and tell your story. More importantly, come and listen to stories about people who aren’t you, about lives different from your own, and the moments that continue to define who we are.

New York




Club Motte relies on the audience members who volunteer to share their stories and themselves in front of a crowd every month. In honor of these story-tellers past and future, August’s theme is ‘Risk’.

Stories may include, but are not limited to: the risks you took, the risks you deemed too much to take, the rewards, the regrets, the hindsight, and the feeling of reaching your goal against all odds.

Bring us true stories from your life, and we will celebrate your risk and kindness with beer and maybe dancing.

New York



It’s Club Motte’s three-year anniversary! Crazy, right? We’ve laughed, we’ve cried. We’ve furrowed our eyebrows in contemplation. Throughout it all, we’ve listened, and we’re still listening.

In honor of everything you’ve shared, July’s theme is “Permission.” We ask for it, grant it, deny it, and press forward even when we don’t have it. Rules are made and broken, lines are drawn and crossed. What does “permission” mean to you?

On our end, we give you permission to tell a total clunker. Brilliantly crafted stories aren’t the point. You are. Join us for another night of true tales, real people, and the chance to be fully engaged as a listener.




June’s theme is inspired by a quote from Cheryl Strayed:

“The invisible, unwritten last line of every essay should be “and nothing was ever the same again.” By which I mean the reader should feel the ground shift, if even only a bit, when he or she comes to the end of the essay.”

All the moments we use to understand and define ourselves have one thing in common. Afterward, nothing was ever the same. We’re all comprised of hundreds of these moments, big and small. Which one do you want to share?

Discover a nut allergy the hard way? Overhear an important conversation? Take a class that changed your brain forever? Create unexpected but life-long friendships in after-school detention? (Fine, that last one was The Breakfast Club.)

Join us as we unpack stories of every size and flavor.

New York



May’s theme is “A Blessing And A Curse.” Have you ever been too smart for your own good? Has your stupidity ever put you ahead? Are you organized to a fault, or a gloriously successful slob? Bring us your stories of character traits, personal experiences, and situations with two distinct sides of the coin.

New York