Last month, those of us who gathered at the bar decided to skip the stories and watch the first presidential debate. Telling stories felt unimportant by comparison.

By this month’s event, the debates will have passed. It’ll be the last Club Motte before the election. And it’s clear that our stories are more important than ever.

Stories promote empathy. They expose you to more perspectives and experiences. Our cultural lack of empathy has been put on display, and even embodied, in this election, and this month’s event is the last Club Motte where we won’t know how it’s going to turn out. No matter the result, we still have to further our own empathy, our own ability to recognize each other’s experience.

This month’s theme is Decisive Moments. We’re balancing on the edge of one, and our personal histories and daily lives are filled with them. Come and tell your story. More importantly, come and listen to stories about people who aren’t you, about lives different from your own, and the moments that continue to define who we are.

New York



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